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Therapy Services

At this time, only telehealth sessions are offered however; I understand the value and benefits of meeting in person and will soon be expanding to offer in person sessions in the Silverdale/Bremerton, WA area. 

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions occur weekly and are approximately 50 minutes long.

What to expect:

Sessions typically start with a mood rating, an update of your recent moods and behaviors, and an exploration of your needs. We will then discuss and decide on different skills and techniques for you to practice outside of session to help accelerate your progress. 

Family Therapy

Sometimes presenting issues can be a direct result of strain within the family, so it can be helpful to engage in therapy with family members, to effectively address and resolve conflict. 

What to expect: 

Participating family members will meet for the intake session to discuss presenting issues and establish family goals. Family will continue to meet weekly for family sessions to resolve conflict and improve communication skills to increase frequency of positive interactions.  

​Family sessions are also a beneficial supplement to adolescent therapy or individual therapy and can be arranged as needed.

Adolescent Therapy

This is an individual weekly service approximately 50 minutes and most appropriate for children between 11 and 17 years old. For adolescent therapy, the child is the primary client and will need to participate in the intake session. 

What to expect:

Sessions for adolescents are similar to adult individual therapy sessions but will be tailored to fit the client's developmental needs and may include components based on their interests such as art & music. 


Individual/Adolescent Therapy

50-minute weekly individual session


Family Therapy

50-minute weekly family



BMWT does not accept insurance and is self-pay only. However, in an attempt to alleviate some of the financial strain, a monthly Superbill can be provided upon request or you can inquire about services on a sliding scale. Services on the sliding scale are limited and will be determined on a case by case basis. 

To ensure privacy & protection for clients, the telehealth platform used is HIPAA compliant & HITRUST CSF certified.


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